Garlicky tvorog with walnuts and herbs

The holiday season is definitely upon us. How many parties have you attended so far? I swear this December has been the busiest December of my life. I’ve had parties/events/friend meet-ups almost every night. Busy bee.

This past Saturday my husband and I had yet another holiday/ugly sweater party to attend. This of course gives me the excuse to whip something up that I normally would not like hanging around my house, like a new cookie recipe or a party-sized appetizer. This recipe is for the latter.


As I mentioned in my sirniki post, tvorog is an extremely common ingredient in Russian cooking. I actually haven’t had it in years (until last week) because I had no idea that farmer’s cheese is such a close (and widely available) substitute. If you’ve never had farmer’s cheese, it’s kind of a cross between whipped cottage cheese and ricotta – it’s smooth and slightly tangy. A bite brings me straight back to childhood. Give it a try!

The garlicky tvorog recipe once

Georgian cold tuna in (satsivi) walnut sauce

When I originally decided to start the Russian Bites project (yes, this was a personal project in my mind before I decided to make it into a blog), I wanted to not only dig through my mom’s old homemade cookbooks (which by the way were mostly hand written by little me because supposedly I had the best handwriting in my family) but also to find other sources of inspiration to really learn more about the culture through food. Through a quick search on Amazon, I discovered the Please to the Table cookbook which has 400 (!!) recipes from all over the former Soviet Union. Unsurprisingly, majority of these dishes I’ve never tried or even heard of, which makes it both exciting and scary. Am I going to like it? I guess that’s how you feel about recipes featured on this blog, huh?

Here is what I have to say about this… some of the recipes I grew up eating I may be more than biased about (they are my comfort food) but my (American) husband has been a happy taste tester and has loved

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