Golubtsi (stuffed cabbage leaves)

Sorry for completely disappearing on ya! Hopefully you follow me on Facebook and saw that I announced I would take a little break from blogging and weren’t surprised to keep seeing those delicious looking chocolate covered cheesecake lollipops every time you loaded the page. For over a month. But anyways, this whole hot and cold act I’ve been putting on with this blog is going to stop because I quit my day job last week (today is actually my very first day “off”) which means a lot more cooking. And blogging. And sharing. I hope you’re as excited as I am. Yay for more Russian treats!!


Speaking of sharing, I received 2 emails from 2 different Elinas in the last 2 months. I’ve never ever met another Elina before (and yes, Elina and Elena are two different names!) – let alone 2- so this is exciting. What’s even more exciting – my fellow Elinas love Eastern European food as much as I do and they’ve been sharing some

Savory vareniki (vegetarian Russian dumplings)

If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that I’m the hardest working and most ambitious person he knows (and no, his friends aren’t deadbeats and he’s not saying this to score some brownie points from me – he truly believes it). I always find this hilarious (there may be some laughing in his face every time I hear those words) because I swear I’m one of the best procrastinators in the world. It’s true.


In college I pulled countless all nighters, setting up my work space right in the hallway (since my roomate didn’t share my “work ethic”), tripping up drunk kids running around. You may mistake this for being ambitious/hard working, but you’d be wrong. I’m just a master procrastinator who eventually needed to face the music and get the damn paper done. Yes, it was no doubt due the very next morning.

Today my todoist account has 31 items for TODAY. And no, brushing my teeth is not on the list. And yes, I will probably add

Beef stroganoff, Russian style

It’s summer here in Boston. Finally real summer. Actually we don’t do anything half-assed around these parts – apparently we go from 50’s to 90’s, from rain and slate to heat wave… and well, that’s very me. I’m also either black or white, hot or cold, bored or waaay too busy, stuffed or hungry… most of the time. No, half-assing isn’t in my blood.


I’m also kind of stubborn. And when it comes to food, the second a craving hits for something it won’t go away until it’s satisfied. It doesn’t matter that the weather turned for the better and this meal is more fit for winter. Nope, I won’t rest until I have it. Preferably immediately but logistics do get in the way. Pssh.

So I was in NY 2 weeks ago. My sister has this awesome loft apartment with floor to ceiling windows (at least 20ft high) which brings so much natural light in, it kind of burns in the morning (it’s in fact difficult to sleep past 6am there

Baked Russian hand pies (pechionii pirojki)


This little intro is going to (a little prematurely) excite my parents (and probably grandmas once my parents decide to share this little nugget with everyone they encounter)… but hell, I might as well say it… I’ve been thinking about my future kids lately. A lot. At some point a few months ago, out of nowhere, the idea of being a mother stopped being uncool, completely hypothetical and something I probably “had to do” and became a lot more real and sort of exciting (could it be because I’m getting that much closer to the big 3-0?). Before you-know-who gets a little too excited, let’s be clear. I am not pregnant and I don’t plan on being pregnant for at least a year and a half (or longer, depending on where I am in my career, house plans, etc.). But like I said, I have started thinking about it and actually imagining what it would be like.

Of course being the food-obsessed self, after wondering whether I’d be the good cop or the bad cop (actually that one is easy, Adam will be caving with one look at

Meat stuffed peppers (farshirovanie perzi)

Sorry it’s been over a month since my last post. I got overwhelmed with other stuff but I’m back for real this time. I promise. Anyways, this is what I really came here to tell you about……

I’m a few weeks away from my 29th birthday. 29th!! May I remind you that in case you aren’t as dramatic about it as I am 29 is ONE year away from 30? There is a lot of pressure to make the last year of my 20’s just a little more exciting because you see, I’ve gotten kind of comfortable over the recent years. Some may call it boring. Shhh


If I so wished, I could have something on the calendar for every night of the week (and sometimes I do) but the truth is that most days I can’t wait to come home after work, put my hair up in a pony tail and change into my pjs. Fancy social events can wait for another day! Tonight, a simple plate of comfort food (nothing fancy!) at home feels

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