Cod and scalloped potatoes casserole (zapekanka iz ribi i kartoshki)

It’s well known that potatoes are a staple ingredient in Soviet cooking. I’ve tried to stay away from too many stereotypical meals here on Russian Bites in an attempt to teach both you and me something new about the food in this region of the world. But let’s face it – potatoes are delicious and it’s a bit silly to try to avoid them all together.


I had some frozen wild cod defrosting in the fridge today and decided to browse my trusty Please to the Table cookbook for some recipes. Somehow (and this never happens!) I had all the ingredients to make this cod and scalloped potatoes dish so I got straight to work. The result was a hearty dish that… sounded better than it tasted. Actually it was “not bad” … but I typically aim higher. Perhaps just a few more generous helpings of salt would have elevated the dish for me. As it was, I thought it was a bit bland.

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