Vinegret (the Russian version of potato salad)

Sorry for disappearing on you there. My goal is to have a new recipe up on the blog every Monday morning and I made this fantastic salad on Sunday just for that purpose. But alas, other obligations came up… so yeah, better late than never, right?


This salad is called vinegret and is extremely traditional in the Russian cuisine. Although it has a lot more going on, I kind of think of it as the American potato salad because it’s full of hearty veggies and finished with mayo. I imagine if Russians were into barbecues, vinegret would be present at every gathering. I made this for lunch on Sunday and my husband and I gobbled up this whole big bowl in one sitting. It brought me back to my childhood at the first bite but I was surprised at how enthusiastic Adam was – beets and all. He especially loved the pickles… you know I was all about them too! 😉

Ingredients (serves 2-4):

2 small potatoes 1 egg 1 large carrot 1 medium beet 1/3

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