Fried potatoes with wild mushrooms (kartoshka s gribami)

This is part II of the recipe recap of the very first full Russian meal prepared by me. The chicken Kiev was definitely the star of the show (and quite time consuming!) so I chose to keep the side dishes simple. Potatoes and mushrooms (finished with sour cream) are as traditional as it gets. The simple salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers… and yes, sour cream, again – is another dish that we ate almost daily growing up. It really added a great fresh component to the fried main dish. The key is to have simple, gorgeous ingredients that will stand up for themselves. Ready for the recipe? [If I can even call it that…]

Ingredients (serves 6):

  • 4-6 medium potatoes (or more smaller ones)
  • 1/2lb chanterelle mushrooms (any other wild mushrooms would work)
  • 1/2lb baby bella mushrooms (these are a lot cheaper than chantereles, if you can afford it – go 100% wild)
  • 2T butter
  • 2-3T canola oil
  • 3T sour cream

1. Peel potatoes, then cut them into matchsticks (fry shapes)

[Thanks, mom, for doing this part! :) ]

2. Melt butter in a large sautee pan on medium-high  heat

3. Add mushrooms, and sautee for about 15 minutes until all the water released evaporates (I actually like to close the lid at first to let them sweat, then I open it 5 minutes in)

4. Remove mushrooms, increase heat to high and add oil, then potatoes

5. After 5 minutes, decrease heat back to medium-high – fry for another 15 minutes (again, I kind of like to close the lid for part of it to make sure they steam and really cook through)

6. Add mushrooms back in the pan, reheat for a few minutes

7. Add sour cream, heat for a few minutes

Voila! :)

Like I said above, a tomato cucumber salad is a beautiful fresh counterpart to this indulgent buttery side.

You’re going to see a lot more potatoes and sour cream on the blog. It’s kind of our thing. 😉

Guess what’s coming next? Yup, dessert – my favorite part of any meal! :mrgreen:

What’s your favorite side dish?

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