My first post!!

Welcome to Russian Bites! This is a blog documenting my journey of going back to my roots… in the kitchen! I was born in Moldova, an Eastern European country formerly part of the Soviet Union. Russian food is my comfort food. I grew up eating it and still enjoy it at my parents’ house. I began cooking about 2.5 years ago and have come along way in the kitchen. I’ve documented hundreds of meals on my blog Healthy and Sane yet for some reason have shied away from trying to recreate my childhood favorites. Well, after bringing this up way too many times, my husband Adam finally encouraged me to explore this part of my identity. I hope to open up the world of Russian food to all of you. Here are some of the recent favorites my family enjoyed together:

Is this what you pictured Russian food like? Have you ever had it? If not, my mission is to help you change that! Don’t worry, I’ll make it approachable and delicious!! :)

I hope to see you later this week – you don’t want to miss the very first thing I try to recreate… hint: chocolate is involved! Mmmm 😉

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