Cheesy profiteroles (korzinochki s sirom)

Apparently I’m a liar. I promised a post last week and well, clearly that hasn’t happened. Embarrassing… and sort of mean to hold out on you like that! I’m sorry. Let’s be friends again. I come with fancy finger food with cheese. : )


I made these cheesy profiteroles for my dad’s birthday dinner last month. They were the perfect little starter…and incredibly fun to make! This recipe originally came from a Russian magazine my mom found about 20 years ago… and we’ve been infatuated with these little guys ever since. Fun fact: “korzinochki s sirom” translates as “little baskets with cheese” but these aren’t baskets, are they? Silly Russians Smile

Now that I know what profiteroles are, I realize this recipe is basically French (there is a lot of French influence in Russian cuisine actually)… except the garlicky tvorog filling puts a Russian spin on them. Wikipedia also tells me that savory profiteroles are actually called gougere. I kind of think of

Russian milk chocolate truffles can be yours today!

Hi my lovely Russian Bites readers! I’m taking a little break today from my usual posts to tell you that my milk chocolate truffles are up for bidding TODAY ONLY at the Great Fundraising Act auction.

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All proceeds will help a fellow blogger Susan from The Great Balancing Act cover her treatment bills for Lymphoma. She is currently hospitalized and her out of pocket bills are $5,000/month! I actually don’t even know Susan but it broke my heart hearing about her sudden diagnosis and I feel honored to be a part of a community that is so amazingly supportive!! The amazing Janetha organized an incredible auction with nearly 200 items up for bidding (from baked goods to clothing, dishes, internet services, etc.) that you do not want to miss!!Now go on… BID HERE for the truffles or check out the entire auction here!

Beef stroganoff, Russian style

It’s summer here in Boston. Finally real summer. Actually we don’t do anything half-assed around these parts – apparently we go from 50’s to 90’s, from rain and slate to heat wave… and well, that’s very me. I’m also either black or white, hot or cold, bored or waaay too busy, stuffed or hungry… most of the time. No, half-assing isn’t in my blood.


I’m also kind of stubborn. And when it comes to food, the second a craving hits for something it won’t go away until it’s satisfied. It doesn’t matter that the weather turned for the better and this meal is more fit for winter. Nope, I won’t rest until I have it. Preferably immediately but logistics do get in the way. Pssh.

So I was in NY 2 weeks ago. My sister has this awesome loft apartment with floor to ceiling windows (at least 20ft high) which brings so much natural light in, it kind of burns in the morning (it’s in fact difficult to sleep past 6am there

Okroshka (cold summer soup)

It finally feels like summer around Boston and somehow the warm weather makes everything better. It’s kind of a strange phenomenon because having a desk job I spend most of my day inside… yet I’m still in a better mood all around. Maybe it’s the knowledge that once I’m out it will still be sunny and summery? Maybe.


Anyways, I’m not really here to talk about weather but summer weather is essential for this summer soup. It’s cool and refreshing. It screams summer. This was actually one of the very first recipes I made when I decided to start this blog (last year) but then the weather turned on us and so I patiently waited to share it with you. It’s time guys!

There are many variations to this traditional soup but I believe the original recipe contained kvas, which is a fermented drink made of rye bread. I know it sounds strange! Think of it as a cross between beer and root beer. It’s tangy and slightly carbonated. It’s incredibly popular in the summer in many

Ponchiki (Russian donut holes)

Are you a creature of habit? Do you have the same special treat on every birthday? I could never commit to just one thing. I like mixing things up. I like experimenting in the kitchen. In fact, I very rarely make the same thing twice, even when it is really delicious the first time.


What I do like doing on my birthday is filling my day with my favorite people, gifts (yep I said it), and delicious food (it is usually new food as a birthday is the perfect occasion to try out a new restaurant in my opinion!). And it is essential that the delicious food part begins the moment I wake up!

Birthday breakfasts should be a little more special, don’t you think? I had some tvorog left from the pirojki I made the week prior which I wanted to put to use for a new recipe here on the blog. Luckily, my mom reminded me of the perfect (special) breakfast – ponchiki! By the way, before we

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