I’ve been busy. Busy working, socializing, blogging at Healthy and Sane; busy watching tv (waaaay too much tv – I’m a true tv addict; I stopped discriminating at this point. I’ve pretty much lost this past weekend to Ugly Betty on Netflix streaming. Yes, it’s been ugly for sure). And when I get busy I look for kitchen shortcuts or enjoy fine meals out that someone else cooks for me. Smile I’ve even blogged on many occasions (like here, here and here) about quick meals when life gets hectic and in every post, the most frequent suggestion by my readers has been SOUP. Soup made on Sunday night that can be enjoyed for lunch for the rest of the week or can even be frozen for future nights a few months away.

But you see, I didn’t really get it. I don’t think of soup as something too filling. And if I’m honest, I generally think: soup is SO BORING. Mature, I know! Winking smile Well, I’ve been meaning to

Beet salad with walnuts and prunes (svyokla s orehami i chernoslivom)


I’m constantly inspired by the Please to the Table cookbook. It has amazing sounding recipes that feature many of the ingredients I fell in love with as a child. Like beets. I know that so many Americans hate beets with a passion but we had them quite often served in many different ways when I was a child so now they’re comfort food. The other day when I professed my love for beets and credited my childhood for it, my dad seemed surprised. “We didn’t have that many beets.” Maybe it wasn’t in everything that was served (like pickles… mmm, pickles) – maybe it was just enough that left me wanting more. Truly, though, I think this ingredients snuck into more dishes than my dad remembers… I can think of 4 off hand (and we had a pretty steady rotation of recipes so this is not 4 among hundreds) like borcht, okroshka, red cabbage and this beet salad with walnuts and prunes. This recipe is from the Please to the Table cookbook – I didn’t

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