Chocolate kartoshka (“potato” chocolate truffles)

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The one beauty of working (on my own business!) from home is that I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule. Every week I have a set of things I want to accomplish, but since I’m my own boss – I get to choose exactly what day and time I want to do them. The problem with that? Sometimes too much flexibility leaves a little too much wiggle room… which in turn accomplishes less.


Want an example? Let’s do something easy, like working out (I have a feeling a lot of you could relate!). I plan on working out daily (actually 6 times a week) but sometimes I don’t feel like doing it at the convenient time… or I start getting nervous about all those pull-ups P90X loves so much, so I tell myself I’m hungry and should eat first. Of course that follows

Russian chocolate covered cheesecake pops (sirki v glazure)


Do you ever come across a food that instantly brings up a specific memory? Most things I make for Russian Bites just bring up general nostalgia mixed with excitement about eating my childhood favorites again. This time though, during my usual refrigerator check-in I noticed a package of farmers cheese (left from what was supposed to be stuffed blini, except they were devoured too quickly before I had a chance to convert them into anything else) so I decided to research what new Russian thing I could make. The second I realized I could make sirki I was instantly hit with the memory of the last time eating these. It was such a fun little trip down the memory lane! Smile


So this memory is actually about my trip to Russia. It was during my junior year in college when I studied abroad in England. My

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