Russian pumpkin pancakes (olad’yi s tikvoy)

I am not a morning person at all. Every single day when the alarm goes off, I snooze about 10 times… and then eventually stumble into the kitchen to make my morning cup o’ joe. A few minutes later I can move on to the more advanced stuff like toasting a piece of bread and smearing it with nut butter + topping it with sliced fruit. Or at the peak of pre-work morning productivity, I can even fry up some bacon and eggs and make a pretty kick-ass breakfast sandwich. [Side note: how awesome is the smell of bacon in the morning?!!]


Weekends have always allowed a bit more flexibility. I have time to actually drink the above mentioned cup of coffee while catching up on overnight emails before thinking of what I may want for breakfast. And today marks the 5th day of being able to do the same even on a weekday (one of the best parts about quitting my job so far… not gonna lie). These Russian

Russian chocolate covered cheesecake pops (sirki v glazure)


Do you ever come across a food that instantly brings up a specific memory? Most things I make for Russian Bites just bring up general nostalgia mixed with excitement about eating my childhood favorites again. This time though, during my usual refrigerator check-in I noticed a package of farmers cheese (left from what was supposed to be stuffed blini, except they were devoured too quickly before I had a chance to convert them into anything else) so I decided to research what new Russian thing I could make. The second I realized I could make sirki I was instantly hit with the memory of the last time eating these. It was such a fun little trip down the memory lane! Smile


So this memory is actually about my trip to Russia. It was during my junior year in college when I studied abroad in England. My

Savory vareniki (vegetarian Russian dumplings)

If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that I’m the hardest working and most ambitious person he knows (and no, his friends aren’t deadbeats and he’s not saying this to score some brownie points from me – he truly believes it). I always find this hilarious (there may be some laughing in his face every time I hear those words) because I swear I’m one of the best procrastinators in the world. It’s true.


In college I pulled countless all nighters, setting up my work space right in the hallway (since my roomate didn’t share my “work ethic”), tripping up drunk kids running around. You may mistake this for being ambitious/hard working, but you’d be wrong. I’m just a master procrastinator who eventually needed to face the music and get the damn paper done. Yes, it was no doubt due the very next morning.

Today my todoist account has 31 items for TODAY. And no, brushing my teeth is not on the list. And yes, I will probably add

Blini (Russian Crepes)

Is there a recipe you’ve always feared of making? Have you tried it or does it just seem way too complicated? I can honestly say I’m generally quite fearless in the kitchen. To me, recipes are for the most part a set of instructions. And I’m good with following instructions. You read, you measure, you chop/mix/whatever… and eventually you get to eat. My favorite! But then there were blini


…making them scared me. Seriously scared me. Blini (Russian crepes) is absolutely my most favorite breakfast. I just love these buttery crepes dipped in sweet condensed milk or sour cream with jam. Love. So a few years back (when I had very little interest in cooking actually, so this memory surprises me), I asked my mom to show me how to make them.

The batter was a piece of cake – mix some flour, eggs, milk (or cream), a pinch of sugar and salt and you’re ready to go. Easy! This is where things got a little scary. You pour the

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