Russian layered jello cake (jeleinyi tort)

It’s September. Students and teachers are back to school. Halloween candy and decorations are on display at every retail store. Mornings have become a little more brisk, and everyone around me seems eager for fall to be in full swing. On the food related front that means lots and lots of pumpkin. How many pumpkin lattes and pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting recipes have you seen this month alone? Pinterest is sure buzzing with those! Even those that mourn the summer (nearly!) ending appear to be unable to contain the excitement of all that is pumpkin. Are you one of them?


I didn’t grow up drinking pumpkin lattes and eating pumpkin muffins, so I am not as anxious to move into fall just yet. For me, fall always meant going back to school and a little less playing time in the yard with my friends (our food didn’t change much… except for maybe less okroshka and more borscht and shchi). Even now that I’m an adult, fall means getting closer

Walnut stuffed prunes in a sweet cream

It’s been a little too long since I posted a dessert recipe here on Russian Bites, which is unfortunate since I eat dessert daily. Actually more often than that! Smile Growing up we ate a lot of chocolate and other candies but pastries and cakes were enjoyed less often, mostly on special occasions (not surprising, given that most of them are quite involved).

Luckily, with only four ingredients, this dessert of walnut stuffed prunes in a sweet sour cream cream comes together in a pinch (although it’s best to prepare the cream the night before serving). The recipe is also the perfect way to use up leftover cream from either the gorka or the black poodle cakes.


I find that walnuts have a bit of a bite and they are perfectly complemented by the plump sweet prunes and a cool sour cream cream. This combo is surprisingly addictive! I kept saying

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