Cheesy profiteroles (korzinochki s sirom)

Apparently I’m a liar. I promised a post last week and well, clearly that hasn’t happened. Embarrassing… and sort of mean to hold out on you like that! I’m sorry. Let’s be friends again. I come with fancy finger food with cheese. : )


I made these cheesy profiteroles for my dad’s birthday dinner last month. They were the perfect little starter…and incredibly fun to make! This recipe originally came from a Russian magazine my mom found about 20 years ago… and we’ve been infatuated with these little guys ever since. Fun fact: “korzinochki s sirom” translates as “little baskets with cheese” but these aren’t baskets, are they? Silly Russians Smile

Now that I know what profiteroles are, I realize this recipe is basically French (there is a lot of French influence in Russian cuisine actually)… except the garlicky tvorog filling puts a Russian spin on them. Wikipedia also tells me that savory profiteroles are actually called gougere. I kind of think of

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