Walnut stuffed prunes in a sweet cream

It’s been a little too long since I posted a dessert recipe here on Russian Bites, which is unfortunate since I eat dessert daily. Actually more often than that! Smile Growing up we ate a lot of chocolate and other candies but pastries and cakes were enjoyed less often, mostly on special occasions (not surprising, given that most of them are quite involved).

Luckily, with only four ingredients, this dessert of walnut stuffed prunes in a sweet sour cream cream comes together in a pinch (although it’s best to prepare the cream the night before serving). The recipe is also the perfect way to use up leftover cream from either the gorka or the black poodle cakes.


I find that walnuts have a bit of a bite and they are perfectly complemented by the plump sweet prunes and a cool sour cream cream. This combo is surprisingly addictive! I kept saying to myself… just one more prune… and that’s how I almost had nothing left to photograph for this post.


  • 35 prunes
  • 35 walnut quarters (a whole walnut half is hard to fit into a prune) or walnut pieces
  • 1 container of sour cream (~400 grams)
  • 1/2 cup sugar


1. Combine sour cream and sugar


See the sugar granules? They will dissolve into the sour cream overnight.


2. Refrigerate overnight (preferably) or whisk in sugar after a few hours.


Note: you can stuff the prunes at this time or wait until the next day, right before “assembly.” I did it right away and placed a container of them in the fridge as well.

3. Cut each prune half way (not all the way through) to make a little pocket


4. Stuff each prune with a walnut quarter or some walnut pieces



5. *The next day* combine prunes + cream.

Btw, see how smooth the cream is now? All the sugar is dissolved. I can eat this stuff by the spoonful (which is a little gross, don’t do that :lolSmile… but it’s also amazing over some strawberries (one of my favorite summer snacks).








Man, this stuff is good. Make it!! [That wasn’t too bossy, was it? Winking smile]

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